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 Rules Of the site

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PostSubject: Rules Of the site   Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:51 pm

1. 1 character per account- Only if your character has died or if you ask an admin and they agree with you that you can bypass this rule.

2. No swearing- This means you cant say fuck, shit, bitch or ass. If you use anyone of those words you'll be warned twice before a temp. ban.

3. No hacking- Don't try and ask for other members password unless it is ok with the member and don't EVER ask for an admins password or you'll be banned.

4. You have a limit- You cant dodge and fight forever. You'll have to get hit sometime and tire out sometime in the battle.

5. No godmodding- This means you cant take out a kunai and beat the heck out of your opponent. You have to wait and give them a chance to react. If the member you are trying to hasn't posted in 3 days then you automatically attack them. Also if the person your RP with is godmodding to much PM me or the other admins so we can handle it.

6. Don't be a troll- For all those trolls that don't know what trolling is it is spamming up topics and making stupid stuff up in like a chatbox to annoy people. Also they tend to feed on the crowds attention so if you are in the chatbox with a troll be quiet and he would most likely leave.

7. Don't register and quit- It is a waste of time for me and you. If your not going to be active then don't register at all.
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Rules Of the site
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