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 Puppet Rules

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PostSubject: Puppet Rules   Mon Mar 21, 2011 3:38 pm

Puppet Masters are masters of the art of the puppeteer. The control the chakra strings which are tied to their puppets. There are millions of puppet masters in the shinobi or ninja world, from all different countries. If your destiny is to become a puppet master, then here are some of the main rules you must follow to be this exquisite type of ninja.

1. You may create your own puppets, be creative, you can create new puppets in the Creature Creation section, in the Creation area.

2. Taking other peoples bodies as puppets is allowed. NPC or Real are both acceptable, but if it is a real person, you must get permission from them.

3. Puppets can have at a max of THREE special abilities each.

4. You may carry a max of three puppets on your back.

5. 10 Puppets max are allowed for each Puppet Master.

6. Chakra String Training is required if you want to be a Puppet Master. 500 Words total are required to master the Chakra Strings.

7. Puppet Training will also be done by the rank of the Puppet.

D - 200
C - 400
B - 800
A - 1600
S - 3200

8. Special Abilities for each puppet will also be trained.

D Rank Ability - 150
C Rank Ability - 300
B Rank Ability - 600
A Rank Ability - 1200
S Rank Ability - 2400
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Puppet Rules
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