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PostSubject: Rasengan   Tue Mar 22, 2011 2:57 pm

Name: Rasengan
Element: Wind
Rank: A
Words: 800
Ashie's alarm clock struck at Seven O Clock in the morning, as it played her favorite song. She slipped in to her fuzzy Hyuuga slippers, which had a white eye on it, and headed out of her room, as she shared a room with her sister. She had two sisters, and one brother, as her sister was a Legendary Sannin of Kirigakure, who summoned Katsuya the slug. Ashie slipped outside her door, not having the alarm clock or opening the door did wake her up. She quietly closed the door, as she turned around quite suddenly, as she encountered a strange figure. As fast as lightning, Ashie body flickered right behind the figure, taking out her kunai, and holstering it right against the figure's back, ANBU Black Ops style. The strange figure used the Flying Thunder God Technique, and appeared right outside her window. Ashie body flickered once again, right outside in to her back yard. The strange figure's clothes were now revealing, as the figure was actually turned around, so it's facial appearance was hidden. The figure quickly turned around, as in it's right palm was a wind type ball, that seemed to swirl around. Ashie looked up at the figure's face, as it was Kit, her older sister that was a Legendary Sannin. "Kit, it was you, phew, I was wo-" Ashie tried to say, but was interupted with Kit's words of "I know, it is time for you to learn a jutsu I picked up in Konohagakure, it's name is bound to be no more of less than Rasengan." Ashie was suprised that she was this skilled and did not even know what "Rasengan" even was.

"Rasengan is a swirly ball, that has circly white lines contained in to it, it holds a huge ammount of chakra if not done correctly, but you may hold the same ammount of chakra in it, if you will allow me to teach you." Kit explained. Ashie nodded her head, and was determined to learn this new jutsu that her big sister, Kit, who was a Legendary Sannin, had learned. "Alright." Kit said. "Lets go to the Kirigakure Training Grounds, not that far from the village, we shall learn this specific jutsu there." Ashie nodded her head again, as she was the Kirigakure's ANBU Black Ops Captain, and she was acting as a Genin, but that was ok, for being compared to one of the Legendary Sannin. Kit summoned the Ookami Pencil, since her summoning was The Wolf, and wrote a note for her other sister and brother, this was what to note was written, and the sister was not going to like it.

Dear Hyuuga Family,

Me and Ashie are going out to the Kirigakure Training Grounds
to learn a new jutsu named Rasengan. We will be out for
probably the whole entire day, considering that this is an A
ranked jutsu. If you need us, only under certain
circumstances, will you be able to come over to get us for
whatever you need. Your brother will be in charge, no
abusing the rules, bro.

Yours Truely, Kit Hyuuga, your sister.

Kit held out her hand that was carrying the pen, and it poofed away, as Kit folded it up, and set it right in the middle of the hallway, so one of them is bound to notice it and pick it up. They left out of the house, and headed out to the misty covered streets of The Hidden Mist Village. Kit and Ashie left the village gates, and headed towards the Training Grounds. They just arrived at about two minutes after the village gates, and softly but slowly landed on to the ground. "Alright, Rasengan is just a ball of chakra that needs to be thrusted towards the target. Unlike Chidori, it can be redirected anywhere, and can be done with with anything." Kit throughly explained. "Okay, thoroughly just focus your chakra in to your palm, and create chakra in to a swirl." She explained. Ashie went ahead and done what her big sister did, and created a small wind ball. She was not that excited at first, as she knew her self that it was not as big as Kits rasengan, so it was not complete. She returned all of the chakra to her palm, and back in to her self, as it did not cause any chakra loss to her self.

Ashie retried the jutsu, and actually did less chakra, and this time, tried to do two of them. All of a sudden, two swirly balls had formed in each hand, as she got the first part pat down. There were two blue balls in her hand, as she was ready, but it turned in to a yellow ball, as she focused her lightning element chakra in to the balls now, as it would create an electric shock in to the enemy now. Ashie ran towards the tree as she put both of the Rasengans in to the tree, as the twenty foot tall tree fell down to the ground, leaving Ashie confident, and ready for more. Kit started to clap as her younger sister had done an excellent job. Kit had no words for her, and they both body flickered back home.






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PostSubject: Re: Rasengan   Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:34 pm


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